App Speedtest

MopEye is the first and the only app on the market that provides per-app measurement for end users.

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Packet Sniffer

By leveraging the VpnService interface, MopEye can intercept all your apps' network traffic.

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DNS Changer

With MopEye, you can change your DNS servers without root for both WiFi and 3G/4G.

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Per-app Speed Test
For the first time.

We introduce a new paradigm of measuring per-app mobile network performance. By leveraging the VpnService interface, MopEye can measure network round-trip delay for each app whenever there is app traffic, directly on your device without involving a remote VPN server.

App Speedtest via MopEye

Capture All Apps' Packets
Without the root.

Besides speedtest, MopEye further gives you several advanced features (all in free and without any advertisements):

  • Know which apps in your phone send network traffic in the background.
  • Capture the server domains of each app (you may figure out which apps send a lot of Ad traffic).
  • Compare similar apps' network performance, and select the one that has better performance.
  • Figure out network-unfriendly apps that keep sending network traffic, which consumes your battery.
  • Understand which apps encounter network failures through our "Error Logs" setting menu.

The left-side figure shows that MopEye can monitor the network performance and status of Pokemon Go servers.

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